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City Council Fee Waiver Request

  1. A representative from your organization should be present at the meeting to address any questions Council may have about your event. You will be notified when your item is not on the agenda. 

  2. Be sure to include any set up or take down time required.

  3. Every attempt will be made to place this item before Council at the next available meeting. When necessary, items may be scheduled at the next available meeting. Regular City Council meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month, beginning at 5:30PM at City Hall, 501 S. Main St. Winnsboro TX 75494.

  4. Facilities

    Choose facility(ies) you are requesting.

    • If you wish to withdraw your request, please notify the City Secretary no later than 5 business days prior to the meeting. 
    • Once the topic has been presented to the Council, persons may not request that an item be placed on the agenda that is the same as or substantially similar in subject matter for sixmonths. 
    • The City Council may or may not take action on the request. 
    • Special meetings or workshops may be called as needed. 
    • Agendas are posted online at 72 hours prior to the meeting date.
  5. This request is subject to Open Records under the Public Information Act; however, personal email addresses are considered confidential. Listing your email address below is optional. By signing this acknowledgment, the requester is indicating their approval to release their email address should they include it on this request form.

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