Water Restrictions In Place - Effective 09/12/2022

The City of Winnsboro has enacted Stage 1 of the Water Conservation & Drought Contingency Plan. 

Stage 1 – Mild Water Shortage Conditions

Supply Management Measures:

Restrictions are as follows:

 (a) The City will reduce flushing of water mains where possible to reduce water demand. 
 (b) The City will cease providing potable water for dust control, road building and similar construction purposes. 
 (c) The City will increase water supply and demand monitoring, as well as leak detection and repair efforts. 
 Voluntary Water Use Restrictions: 
 (a) Water customers are requested to voluntarily limit the irrigation of landscaped areas. 
 (b) The following uses of water are defined as non-essential, and it will be requested that they be eliminated:
      1. Wash down of any sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking lots or other hard-surfaced areas; 
      2. Wash down of buildings or structures for purposes other than immediate fire protection; 
      3. Use of water for dust control; 
      4. Flushing gutters or permitting water to run or accumulate in any gutter or street; and 
      5. Failure to repair a controllable leak(s) within a reasonable period after having been given notice directing the repair of such leak(s).

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